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Aircelle (Safran) is one of the two main integrators of aircraft engine nacelle systems in the world. With more than 17,000 equipment in service, Aircelle proposes a range of nacelle systems to suit each type of aircraft: regional jets, business jets and commercial aircraft of more than 100 seats for medium- and long-range travel.


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Aircelle designs, integrates and ensures customer support and services for aircraft engine nacelle systems. The know-how of the 3,800 Aircelle personnel and its unique technological lead means that Aircelle can integrate all the nacelle systems components and thus optimize the aircraft propulsion systems. Aircelle is at the interface between the aircraft manufacturer, engine manufacturer and the airline company. This knowledge of aerospace companies combined with its expertise allows Aircelle to propose unique solutions: nacelle systems which are lighter - thanks to the use of a high proportion of composite materials or metal alloys - quieter, smarter, more electric and easier to maintain.



Key programs & programs in development

The 3,800 men and women working for Aircelle put their passion at the service of customers. Through their expertise and their know-how, the company has developed CFM International LEAP-1A engine nacelle systems for the Airbus A320neo, LEAP-1C engine nacelle systems for the Comac C919 and Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engine nacelle systems for the Airbus A330neo, along with titanium nozzles for the Boeing 777X GE9X engines for business aviation, nacelle systems for the Falcon 5X Snecma Silvercrest® engines and for the Global 7000-8000 GE PassportTM engines. Aircelle is also the only nacelle systems integrator for the two engine manufacturers (Rolls-Royce Trent 900 and Engine Alliance GP7200) of the Airbus A380.


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for high-end business jets
spread over 9 sites in 5 countries
More than
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More than
engine assemblies in service
More than
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A thrust reverser cycle every
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Jean-Paul Alary

François Tarel
Executive Vice President

Vincent Bourguet
Chief Executive Officer of SLCA

Christopher Plumb
Managing Director, Aircelle Ltd.

Gilles Poilvet
Vice President – Administration and Finance

Richard Nevill
Vice President - Customer Support & Services Division

Pierre Jorant
Vice President – Programs

François Guerzeder
Vice President Sales and Marketing

Pierre Gérard
Vice President in charge of Boeing programs

Francis Gauvain
Vice President – Human Resources & Facilities

Didier Nicoud
Engineering Vice President

Philip Moressee
Industrial Vice President

Arnaud Hauguel
Vice President Quality

Arnaud de Bussac
Vice President Procurement & Partnership

Didier Vigneron
Vice President – Risk Management

Philippe James
Vice President – Continuous Improvement

Frédérique Thomas
Vice President Communications



Aircelle has responded to future challenges with sites located around the globe.

These sites carry out the design, engineering, production, certification and integration of nacelle systems along with providing support and services to the various Aircelle product operators in the world.

Aircelle has set up a worldwide network, through the creation of subsidiaries and shared companies, so as to be always as close as possible to its aircraft manufacturer, engine manufacturer and operator customers.

The Aircelle head office is located in Le Havre, in France. The company also has facilities in the United Kingdom, Germany, Morocco, Russia and the USA as well as joint ventures - SAVI Nacelles and Nexcelle - in the USA and China.

These various sites as well as its other joint ventures (AMES in the United Arab Emirates), subsidiaries (Aircelle Europe Services in France, Aircelle Services Americas in the USA), and partners (notably HAECO in China and SIAEC in Singapore) along with its network of representatives allows Aircelle to propose service offers close to its customers throughout the world.




Our subsidiaries







Aircelle, filiale de Safran, est un leader du marché mondial des nacelles pour moteurs d’avion.

Le site du Havre est le site historique de la société et son siège social. Il regroupe des bureaux d’études, les centres d’excellences (tuyères, composites et RTM) et les ateliers de production (assemblage).

Aircelle's high-tech expertise meets the strictest certification standards in force in the aeronautic professions, in terms of safety, reliability, maturity and performance follow-up.

As a major producer of aeronautical equipment, Aircelle is approved to operate within the framework of European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 21 and Part 145 regulations. The company also complies with the AS/EN 9100 quality management standard in all its trades, whether this be finance, human resources, information technology or program management.

In line with the Safran quality policy, Aircelle continuously seeks to improve its processes, its organisation, its tools and its skills and ensures the highest quality level for its products - components, structures and systems - throughout their operational life cycle, from the initial proposal to development, production, customer delivery and through-life support.


Health, Safety and Environment



Aircelle's research efforts are equally embodied in the anticipation and prevention of work hazards and the reduction in the environmental footprint of its products and activities as in technological performance.


Health, safety, accessibility

One of Aircelle's major responsibilities is to ensure the health and safety of its employees. Every aspect of production at the company's various sites is regularly audited with the goal of identifying any potential risks arising from materials or procedures and eliminating them. All the production-related safety procedures are also audited each month during regular inspections.

Accessibility is one of the concerns of the Aircelle teams who adapt work stations to employees with disabilities.


Environmental goals driving innovation

Aircelle nacelle systems play an essential role in the reduction of the environmental footprint of the aircraft on which they are installed. More aerodynamic and lighter - with the use of composite materials - the nacelle systems reduce the aircraft's fuel consumption and participate in reducing air pollution emissions. The acoustic treatments applied to the absorbent structures of the nacelle systems contribute to the reduction in noise emissions. 70% of Aircelle's development budget is devoted to innovative product research to allow the company to assume its environmental responsibilities.

Two major programs structure Aircelle's environmental approach: the ACARE-based CleanSky European collaborative project and the French investing for the future program supported by the French government's Strategic Committee for Civil Aviation Research (CORAC).

The various Aircelle sites are equally concerned by environmental performance: as part of the Safran HSE program, Aircelle adheres to the environmental protection rules based on the ISO 14001 standard and is subject to regular, strict audits.


Aircelle Values


[IMG] Valeurs

As a Safran company, Aircelle shares the parent company's commitment to the quality of its products, customer service and innovation.

Customer focus

Aircelle listens to its customers, anticipates and understands their needs, and contributes to their success through customised actions and service. Customer service is Aircelle's sole priority.


A team spirit forms part of our everyday actions, with the sharing of know-how and solidarity within the company and with partners around the world.


Aircelle strives each day to ensure that its products and services are technically reliable and effective. This work is carried out with professionalism while complying with the highest ethics.

Personnel development and recognition

Aircelle's human resources department recognises the quality of each employee's work, and the company provides them with the finest resources for them to make the best products and procure an optimum service level.

Economic performance

Economic performance is seen in Aircelle's capacity to be profitable while offering customers competitive prices. The company makes continuous efforts to control and reduce costs. In addition, Aircelle puts an emphasis on reducing cycles, stocks and the capital committed for its operation within Safran, to generate earnings as soon as possible.

Innovation and dynamism

Aircelle is a dynamic element of Safran with a continuous steady development. The company's capacity for innovation is applied with determination in all areas of our work.